Our Mission is Straightforward :

  • To find the best possible solution for our customers, using the most moral and ethical equation; and
  • To benefit all sides and achieve a common goal

Our Culture Defines Our Company :

Tri-City’s leaders are dedicated to demonstrating the culture that defines our company. As a direct result of their leadership and example, employees also exhibit the philosophy, which enables Tri-City to be considered a world-class organization.

  • Equality and Unity

    Everyone is equal, whether a customer, employee, or employer. Everyone is important. The individual is part of the team. Resulting in a team that feels conscientious, empowered, and integrated. The team works together to overcome challenges. United we stand, divided we fall.

  • Respect

    Tri-City is a “family.” All members are loyal to one another without uncertainty. Everyone holds an appreciation for the role of his or her peers. Tri-City is dedicated to providing its employees, as well as its customers, with a comfortable environment that promotes and demands nothing less than harmony.

  • Pride

    Tri-City’s associates strive for a mark of distinction. We take pride in all that we do and we represent our company with honor. We value the quality of our services and satisfaction.

  • Commitment

    Dedication is a fundamental element of our culture. We are committed to a common cause. Not only are we devoted to our customers, but also to each other and to our company. It is our duty to provide our customers with exceptional service and extraordinary solutions.

  • Integrity

    Tri-City’s associates uphold impressive ethical standards. We promote an atmosphere founded on honesty and reliability. Morals and values are a critical component of our company. We always practice business with a reasonable and rational approach

  • Spirit

    Our associates are immersed in a culture which celebrates change. We understand that change is essential to growth, and that growth is essential to success. The triumphs of the past and the achievements of the future depend largely on the ability to embrace change where it is needed.