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Stay Warm in the winter


Experience total comfort during the cold winter months with our professional heating services. We offer heating maintenance, heating repair and new heating system installations.

HVAC Fairfield | Boiler Repair Fairfield County | 203.583.4269

Maintenance Really Matters

AC Maintenance

Your HVAC system should be running on optimal comfort levels to avoid a costly repairs. CT residential and commercial buildings should have HVAC maintenance performed regularly.

HVAC Fairfield | Boiler Repair Fairfield County | 203.583.4269

Stay Cool in the Summer

Air Conditioning

All Connecticut residential and commercial buildings should have annual air conditioning maintenance as part of their total HVAC package.

HVAC Fairfield | Boiler Repair Fairfield County | 203.583.4269

Save On Utility Bills

Oil to Gas Conversion

With rebates and low interest financing available for installing certain energy efficient equipment, now is the best time to switch from oil to gas!!

CT HVAC Repair – Air Conditioning – Heating – Appliance Service

Consumers have many providers to choose from when it comes time for heating and air conditioning services in Connecticut. Many of them claim to provide CT HVAC Repair and Maintenance, but few of them actually deliver the quality of service that Tricity Appliance has provided Connecticut homeowners for the last 45 years. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) service providers, to be rated number one, must not only provide the best repair and maintenance services, but also carry only top rated heating and cooling appliances. Before contracting for repairs or service, consumers are advised to ask a few questions.

Just what is an HVAC system?

Simply stated HVAC systems provide all the heat and cooling for area homes and businesses. There are many systems available, suggesting hvac service providers must be well versed in all types of units used in the northeast. Heating systems range from simple space heaters to sophisticated hybrid whole-house systems incorporating multiple fuel sources. For example, traditional oil or gas fired heating systems can now be combined with solar technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs for consumers. Since many homeowners are not familiar with modern heating and air conditioning options, they rely on HVAC professionals for advice when it is time to repair or replace their current heating and air conditioning systems.

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What types of maintenance services are offered?

All air conditioning, heating and appliances require regular servicing so homeowners can be sure the units will work properly when they are needed the most. Typically, that means the best companies recommend routine maintenance in the spring to take care of air conditioning issues before the areas hot weather hits. Heating professionals also suggest home and business owners make sure their heating appliances are inspected and serviced in early fall, before any heat is needed. The area’s best company will offer maintenance agreements so homeowners don’t have to worry about their heating and cooling systems.

What happens when a heating or cooling appliance quits?

While it would be nice if furnaces and air conditioners only quit during normal business hours, life just isn’t that fair. CT HVAC Repair and Maintenance from Tricity Appliance will make sure you’re not without heat for long. They understand people rely on their heating and cooling units, and do everything possible to make sure the heater repair is completed quickly. If the unit can be repaired, the technician will provide an estimate for the repairs before starting work, allowing home and business owners to make decisions about repair and replacement alternatives available.

If the heating unit or air conditioner can’t be repaired, what is the next step?

Professional heating servicing contractors won’t recommend home or business owners pump hundreds of dollars into a furnace or air conditioner that is beyond its useful life. Rather, they will provide the property owner with different options so home and business owners can make educated decisions about their heating and cooling systems. Since the costs for heating and cooling have skyrocketed in recent years, replacing an older, inefficient unit is increasingly becoming the best option for home or business owners.

Is it practical to replace both a furnace and air conditioner if only one system has actually failed?

The answer to that question would depend entirely on the systems now in use. If both the heating and cooling components are older, the increased efficiencies seen with new units would suggest both units be upgraded. Doing so could significantly reduce utility bills, providing a rather rapid payback for anyone embracing the newer technologies. Technicians will evaluate the system and make recommendations based on the type, age, and condition of the present system.

Which type of fuel source is the best for this area?

People often equate “best” with “lowest cost,” and that is not always the optimal way to make a decision when choosing between gas and oil fired systems. In areas where natural gas is available, it may be the best option. In the event the oil fired unit needed replacement, it might make economic sense to switch fuels, but the cost of installing gas lines must also be figured into the equation. Each home’s situation is different, and the HVAC technician can offer advice and provide cost projections.

Tri-City is regarded as the CT HVAC Repair and Maintenance leader in CT, and will work with home and business owners to answer all of these or any other questions you may have. Today’s HVAC systems are quite complex, so finding a local company with top rated technicians to take care of servicing heating and cooling appliances is important. Top technicians understand how expensive heating and cooling a home can be, and they will provide homeowners with tailored options to make sure HVAC systems are functioning properly so utility expenses are kept to a minimum. Take advantage of Tri-City’s 45 years of experience when it’s time for heating and cooling system repairs or maintenance in Connecticut.

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