Air Conditioning in CT – Systems Should Always Be Kept In Optimal Shape

To maintain optimal comfort levels, all residential and commercial buildings in Connecticut should have air conditioning as part of their total HVAC package. While many people consider the use of air conditioning in CT only during the summer months, it is often used from late spring through to early autumn. Particularly in new buildings whose windows cannot be opened, the use of air conditioning may be the only form of ventilation available. 

Energy EfficiencyAir Conditioning in CT

To make sure cool air is circulated throughout a wide area, here at Tri-City Appliance we recommend the installation of a central air conditioning service. This includes the air conditioning installation of cooling systems into new construction or adding advanced cooling systems to one that is undergoing a retrofit of its mechanical systems. It has been found that keeping offices even just a few degrees higher can significantly lower cooling bills, while still keeping occupants comfortable.

Humidity and Air Filtration

Cooling systems that work at peak efficiency also control the amounts of humidity in the air. This is why an air conditioning system is best served by the installation of an accompanying humidifier or dehumidifier unit. Another addition to any cooling system is the use of electronic air filters or cleaning elements. These work to remove mold spores, pollen, dust particles and irritants that can accumulate in the air. Air filters can be added to control omnipresent odors, something mandatory for hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers.

Air Conditioning in Connecticut Maintenance

As with heating systems, all air conditioning in CT maintenance should be inspected on a regular basis. Homeowners should make a point of calling Tricity Appliance so that one of our licensed and certified HVAC technicians can check every aspect of your air conditioning system. Using our extensive knowledge of heating and cooling systems, we can advise you as to the efficiency levels of your current system.

Your Tricity Appliance team member will also inspect the all of your air filters, cleaning and replacing them as required. By performing this service, toxins are removed so that they are not recycled back into your circulating air current.

The Tricity Appliance Advantage

Owners of residential and commercial properties need to remain proactive about the status of their air conditioning system well in advance of warm weather. To do so, they should make a point of having every aspect of their HVAC system inspected by one of our technicians. With the advanced training we provide our team members, they can properly determine whether a simple AC repair or total AC replacement is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

Another important advantage aspect of working regularly with Tricity Appliance is our ability to respond to emergencies whenever and wherever they should occur. System break-downs and malfunctions can happen at the most inappropriate times. We pride ourselves on the quick action of our dispatch team that allows us to respond to your request for service on a 24/7 basis. This is because we know that a speedy response can be a true life-saver. It means that family members, tenants and customers can continue to remain comfortable in their surroundings.


An excellent way for Connecticut commercial and residential property owners to have their cooling, heating and ventilation systems accessed is to merely ask us for an on-site consultation. From our headquarters in Milford, CT we also offer a varied assortment of cooling, heating and filtration products. All new products can be purchased along with warranties that cover new parts and labor, should it be necessary in the future.