Radiant Floor Heating in CT –  A Viable Option for Your Home or Business

If you install radiant floor heating  in CT, especially in an older house, one of the primary benefits is increased comfort. However, if your Radiant Floor Heating is energy efficient, your house too needs to meet certain energy efficient requirements as well. First of all, the house should be better insulated, meaning heat will not end up seeping out of the inadequately sealed windows or through the roof. When your house is sufficiently well-insulated, it means less of the heat provided by radiators will leak out. Tricity Appliance can help with a project of this magnitude.Radiant Floor Heating In CT

Save energy with underfloor heating

Electric floor heat in CT keeps feet warm and gives a house comfortable heat distribution. Therefore, you can easily lower the temperature by a few degrees, without your house feeling the difference. It is best to have a good thermostat in place; it saves energy by providing a constant room temperature. Make sure you turn the heat off or down significantly if the room is heated by other means. For example, if the sun’s rays are shining through the window or you are heating by a wood stove.

Proper conditioning and efficient distribution of heat and cold are critical factors for energy consumption. Tricity Appliance has extensive experience in setting up efficient heating and cooling systems. Wall and Radiant Floor Heating in CT are available for residential and non-residential buildings. These methods harmoniously combine a comfortable room temperature with reduced energy consumption. The systems also exceed the requirements of American energy saving regulations.

Underfloor Heating

Before buying, understand that radiant floor heat in CT is designed for the harshest conditions. They fit both small surfaces such as residential homes or offices, as well as larger works like industrial warehouses, public buildings or plants. Tricity’s underfloor heating components are installed quickly and easily and offer maximum safety and quality.


Our commitments are:

  • Speed: Technicians perform installation within a reasonable time after they receive your notice (Monday to Saturday), but you can contact Tricity at any time for emergency services.
  • Quality: All professionals on our staff are highly qualified and have years of experience in the sector. Tricity uses the best brands available as well.
  • Safety: Tricity is a part of several known Associations of Plumbing, Gas, Heating, HVAC and Fire Protection. This should ease any doubt when choosing us for your project.
  • Price: Our Company is always within standards set by the current economic situation, which means Tricity is always thinking of our customers. A reduction is prices to make them the cheapest in the market, without compromising on the quality of the top brands and the best service, is a must.

Electric heating can be installed over existing an concrete floor, which frees you from casting down – and thus can give a lower height of your new floor. It also allows for faster control of the heat level than systems based on hot water.

Today, you can also get wireless heated floors in CT, which provides access to a number of clever features – like the ability to control it via computer and SMS. This allows you the chance to turn the heat on in advance from a completely different place. For more information, contact Tricity Appliance today.