Heat Pump Efficiency in CT- Advantages of Having a Heat Pump

In many areas of the country, homes are equipped with a furnace, which burns oil or gas to heat the home in the winter, and an air-conditioning system which cools it in the summer. Heat pump efficiency in CT  where the temperatures are extreme and regularly dip far below the freezing mark, is often is the best solution. Unfortunately, residents in Connecticut, often overlook this extremely attractive alternative to improving home efficiency. In addition, by utilizing heat pump efficiency in CT, many of the homes in very cold regions of Connecticut benefit economically from having a heat pump for the non-extreme times of the year.Heat Pump Efficiency in CT

Why Use a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a device for heating and cooling buildings that uses the same principals as a refrigerator or freezer. Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly and generally energy efficient system that uses electricity to compress and decompress a refrigerant gas, transferring heat to the outside from within the home in hot weather, and reversing the process in the winter to warm interior air. Thus a Heat Pump in Connecticut does the work of both a furnace and a central air conditioning system. There are three primary types of heat pumps: air to air, ground source and also, water source. Many people find they prefer a ground source heat pump because of the three types, it has fewer moving parts, is extremely quiet, and has an average lifespan of forty years.

Heat Pump Availability and Installation

If you find yourself intrigued, and wondering, “Where Can I Find A Heat Pump?” then you should know Tri-City Appliance, in Milford, CT is a highly qualified local source that services all of the surrounding communities with heat pump installations, maintenance and heat pump troubleshooting. Many homeowners have had Tri-City Appliance install a heat pump for use in milder winter weather, saving their furnace (a generally more expensive means of heating a home) for all but the coldest weather. They typically find that their heat pump pays for itself in just a few short years. It is important that any heat pump be the correct size for the space it is to heat and cool, and that it be correctly installed.

A heat pump’s efficiency is measured by its coefficient of performance (COP), a measurement of the ration between the output of heat to the amount of electricity consumed. Key to performance is a correctly sized heat pump. If you’re wondering, “what size heat pump do i need?” the smart thing to do is to discuss your space and circumstances with a qualified Tri-City Appliance’s representative, as they regularly make these calculations. It’s not an equation you want to miscalculate! Also, ask about the wisdom of getting a heat pump with on-demand defrosting controls. The way heat pumps transfer heat sometimes cause it to become icy on the exterior, and having the means to defrost the unit as needed can be a tremendous advantage. It also serves to minimize the amount of energy the heat pump requires. Your Tri-City Appliance representative will be happy to discuss both your needs and specific models with you.