Boiler Repair CT

Much of the charm of living in the Connecticut area is supplied by the older homes that offer both an architectural and historic advantage. Despite their exteriors, many of these homes and contain a variety of boilers that may not be up at current standards. Therefore, boiler repair in Connecticut require the utmost care and expert service.Boiler Repair Fairfield County | Boiler Repair Westport | 203.583.4269

Use of Boilers in CT

Both new and older structures may be heated with a variety of heating systems that depend on the use of a boiler. Each of these types of hot water boilers come with their own set of benefits and disadvantages.

If your home contains an oil boiler system, it will need to be filled with “oil” as in a petroleum product. This form of petroleum is manufactured for the express purpose of home heating, and should never be confused or interchanged with the type of gasoline used for usage in vehicles.

This variety of boiler is frequently seen in homes built before the mid-century or when the cost of all forms of petroleum began to rise. While some people believe that this type of heat and hot water heating is inefficient, this is not true. When these boilers are kept up with routine maintenance, they can be operated in an efficient manner.

Gas Boilers

These gas boilers were originally installed to provide home heating through the use of natural gas. This variety of boiler was often added to homes to lessen the cost of home heating through petroleum products when oil prices rise. Unfortunately for these homeowners, the cost of natural gas does not always provide a lower price point, particularly during the cold weather months of the year.

If there is one significant advantage to this type of boiler, it is the reduction in maintenance that they require. If the pipes for your natural gas supply exist in your geographic area, you will not need to have a gas tank directly on your premises for storage purposes. This lack of a physical presence in your own home, enables homeowners to see inspection less often than those who still use petroleum products from a tank in their basement or on their property.

Wood Pellet Boilers

This has become an extremely popular choice among home heating options. This is primarily due to the rise in conservation and a need for more environmentally friendly ways of home heating. Wood pellets are not just good for the environment, but can provide costs savings over gas or heating oil. The disadvantage to many of these boilers is the size of their storage tanks.

Unless a home is newly built or larger in size, there may not be room for one of these boilers to exist comfortably within the home. This type of heating may be more beneficial to the environment; however they will take longer to respond to requests for changes in temperatures from the thermostats located in every room.

To get the best use of your heating system all year long, make sure a member of our team is allowed to inspect and service your HVAC systems. Our technicians at Tricity Appliance are licensed and certified.

Our team is able to bring your boiler up to all current codes of safety and function. Homeowners in Connecticut are urged to schedule an appointment for us to go over all of your heating and cooling systems. From our headquarters located in Milford, CT, we also have parts and products should your boiler systems need a major or minor overhaul.