Energy Solutions in CT – Tricity Appliance Supports Clean Energy

Energy solutions in CT are central to the state’s mission to become an example and leader in energy-efficiency and sustainability. Connecticut has a history of supporting energy efficiency, and the latest evidence of this is the Connecticut Energy Efficiency solutions in ct

The Energy Efficiency Fund was created specifically for helping homeowners use energy more efficiently, namely in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing energy security, reducing the need for additional plant construction, and limiting energy usage. Thus far, energy solutions in CT have been notable; since 1998, the state has reduced energy usage to the point of a 595-megawatt power plant. In 2009, the fund helped conserve 2.6 billion kilowatt-hour lifetime savings. Home energy solutions in CT have resulted in avoiding almost 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emission. It’s safe to say that the state is one of the cleanest and green-friendliest states in all the U.S.

Connecticut continues to lead the way in making energy usage more efficient and in reducing total air pollution. Not only is this fund helping to maintain the earth and the great environment Southern Connecticut, it’s also helping to boost the economy, in the way of job creation and return on investment. Energy solutions in CT are an important part of the state’s survival plan, even in the midst of recession. The fund is helping not only to create more jobs, but also more green-friendly jobs.