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Knowing Your HVAC Air Filter Options

If you are looking to keep your air quality high and your HVAC maintenance low, you’ll want to be an air filter pro. Your air filter plays a big part in the efficiency of your HVAC system as well as the quality of air that filters through the home, some can be replaced others just […]

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Why Won’t My Dishwasher Drain?

Are you noticing an increasing pool of water just sitting on the bottom of your dishwasher, or is your trusty dish scrubber just not working like it used to; don’t go appliance shopping just yet, the issue could be an easy DIY fix! So if you are currently asking “Why won’t my dishwasher drain?” here’s […]

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Prepping Your HVAC System for Fall

Fall is the perfect time to start getting your HVAC system ready for winter. Though the bitter cold is still a while away, prepping in the fall can ensure your system is running at its absolute best at the first sign of the chill. So if you are sitting down to write your fall to-do […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Avoiding a Toilet Clogs

Constantly dealing with toilet clogs and praying to the porcelain gods that it doesn’t turn into a flood? Well, luckily there are many daily things you can do to keep your toilet clogs in check. So if you are looking to keep your toilet flushing at its best, here are some easy dos and don’ts […]

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The Benefits of Having a Ceiling Fan

If you are looking to add style, beautiful lighting, and comfort to your home — consider installing ceiling fans! When paired with your HVAC system, ceiling fans can lead to the perfect room temperature an aid in layered lighting — it can even save you money too. So if you are on the fence about […]

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Why You Should Properly Clean Your Air Ducts

Clean your filters, maintenance your HVAC system, clean your air ducts — it might seem like a lot of upkeep, but if you are looking to keep your home’s air quality up, it’s very much necessary. Your air ducts play a significant role in your homes air quality, and though it might not be a […]

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DIY Ways to Stop That Pesky Leaky Faucet

When the repetitive sound of that slow drip hits your sink, it can be frustrating and plain out wasteful — but what if we tell you it could be an easy fix? Sometimes a pesky leaky faucet can be an easy DIY repair that will just take some dissecting and a wrench to find the […]

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How Humidity Can Affect Your Home | Tri-City

Those hot and humid days can be unpleasant, but beyond the bad hair days, it can also play a huge toll on your home. Whether you realize it or not, an uneven humidity level can do a number on your home and leave you with some serious repairs down the road. So if you are […]

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Your Plumbing Emergency Checklist

Regular maintenance or not, emergencies happen! Though you can’t prevent everything, you can be prepared! Most plumbing issues can be an easy fix, and some might not even require an expert, but if it’s beyond a little leak and you are dealing with a full on pipe burst, it’s time to stay calm and grab […]

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5 Out The Box Fridge Hacks

Tired of searching for last nights leftovers in your fridge? Always picking up messes from your kids trying to help themselves? Well, a little reorganizing can turn your refrigerator messes into an organized, space saving dream. So if you are looking to make the most out of your space and spend less time cleaning your […]

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