Air Conditioning Installation in CT – Certified HVAC Installers

We offer full-service air conditioning installation in CT, where we begin with an inspection of the space and guide you all the way through the process. Our air conditioning experts bring more than 45 years of accumulated experience and are able to recommend air conditioning systems that will meet the needs of your space and budget.Air Conditioning Installation in CT We’ll help you choose the best system for your home, as well as add smart components to your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Installation and Energy Savings

The Tri-City Appliance experts emphasizes a responsible and energy-efficient approach to climate control. We offer a variety of high-efficiency components to optimize air conditioning in CT  that allow you to create the home or office environment you desire to avoid high-energy costs or excessive emissions. Upgrading your cooling system with high-efficiency components can improve your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint substantially.

As leaders in air conditioning installation in CT, we believe in a strong plan of preventive maintenance to extend the longevity of your air conditioning systems. Cleaning the filters and checking your wiring and refrigerant levels on a regular basis allows us to locate potential problems before they develop to the point that your system stops working efficiently.

When planning an air conditioning system, you will find Tricity Appliance offers a wide variety of system components to fit your needs. We have standard, medium, and high-capacity air filters as well as electronic air cleaners to maintain excellent air quality, as well as humidity modification units, both humidifiers and dehumidifiers, to ensure that your indoor climate is neither too moist, a common problem in the stormy New England summer, or too dry, as it often becomes in winter along with the drying effects of forced-air heating systems. Tricity Appliance is pleased to offer you all our expertise and resources at an excellent value. We serve all of Fairfield county and  Connecticut with pride and care as we have for over four decades.