Heating Services Westport CT

Tri-City Appliance is equipped to handle all of your home heating needs, ranging from installations, routine maintenance, to repairs. Our fully equipped trucks are stocked with all the common parts for home heating repairs. This ensures that we can fix your furnace, boiler, heat pump or water heater right away! These are some of the top heating systems and parts we service:

Furnace Maintenance Westport

Many homeowners skip furnace maintenance with the mentality that if it’s not necessary, why spend the money? Annual maintenance service can quickly pay for itself by extending the life of your unit, while maintaining energy efficiency.

During an annual maintenance, the technician will inspect and clean every piece of your heating unit. This includes the thermostat calibration, contact points, blower blades, ductwork, filters, fan belts, motor, heat distribution pilot, heat exchanger and flue. Keeping your unit as clean as possible, will ensure it operates at its peak energy efficiency. Believe it or not, a dirty coil can reduce the energy efficiency of a unit by 20%! Technicians can also catch minor issues before they become large breakdowns that cost a heap of money all at once.

Furnace Repair Westport

If your home’s heating unit is not operating at the level it used to, repair or replacement may be necessary. Regardless of what type of heating unit your home utilizes, Tri-City Appliance is ready to get it up and running to peak efficiency.

Furnace Installation Westport

If a furnace replacement is the only option, we provide the newest technologies in home heating. Our technicians are certified and have the ability to measure the “load calculation” of your home to ensure you receive a system that will suit your specific needs. If your home or business has an older heating system, we will conduct a free energy audit to determine areas where you can increase efficiencies.

Tri-City Appliance services all of Fairfield County! Call 203-583-4269 for home heating repairs and maintenance today in Westport or another surrounding town!