Keeping Up With Air Conditioning in Westport, CT

Although the climate in Westport is fairly mild, uncomfortably high temperatures are to be expected during the summer. Westport has broken into the triple digits a number of times over the years, and regular highs of 90 degrees or more in July and August are not unusual. westport CT air conditioning

This means Westport CT Air Conditioning service frequently comes in handy. Many homes and rental units in the area include central air conditioning, and tenants often add window-mounted boxes to rental units that don’t. What all have in common is that they benefit greatly from regular AC Maintenance in Westport CT, a fact that we at Tri-City Heating & Cooling understand well.

The Importance of  Westport CT Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems are designed to operate best under very particular conditions. A system that is allowed to develop leaks or clogs will struggle, becoming susceptible to bigger problems. An annual AC Service in Westport CT is therefore a great idea for the following reasons.

  • Better Performance – While an AC unit will often continue to cool even once outside of the manufacturer’s intended limits, performance suffers. An AC unit that has been maintained by a trained technician will produce more cool air, keeping residents comfortable in even the hottest months.
  • Longer Life – Air conditioning systems that are well maintained will deliver more years of trouble-free service. An AC unit forced to operate with low levels of coolant, for example, will undergo wear at a faster rate than one that is properly maintained.
  • Greater Reliability – Many of the problems that result in all-out AC breakdown take a long time to develop. An annual AC maintenance visit will help identify these issues before they can ruin a hot summer day. That means more comfortable summers as well as less money spent on emergency repairs.
  • Cleaner Air – With clean filters and coils, good airflow, and the right level of refrigerant, an AC unit will deliver fresh, pure air into a home. Air conditioners that have been neglected, on the other hand, can contribute to reduced air quality. Regular maintenance not only keeps air conditioners running smoother, it keeps them running cleanly.
  • Higher Efficiency – Modern ENERGY STAR-rated AC units conserve energy, cutting utility bills and lowering the impact on the environment. Regular maintenance helps these units live up to their full potential, something that benefits everyone.

Maintenance is so effective and helpful because it goes deeper than some suppose. The exact nature of each maintenance visit will vary, but typically includes a mixture of:

  • Finding and sealing duct leaks in central AC systems.
  • Checking for proper airflow through evaporator coils.
  • Ensuring that the electric control sequence is in order and heating and cooling functions can’t trigger together.
  • Inspecting, cleaning, and maintaining terminals and connections.
  • Lubricating motors and ensuring belts are in good shape.
  • Making sure the system’s thermostat is accurate.

Air Conditioning  Breakdowns are No Cause for Panic

Even an AC unit that is properly maintained can break down. Keeping up with maintenance will lessen the frequency and inconvenience of these issues, though. It is far more pleasant to arrange in April for the replacement of a failing compressor than to confront the same problem in the heat of July.

Still, most pointed AC problems can be resolved quickly. As specialists at AC Repair in Westport CT, we at Tri-City Heating & Cooling understand that speedy, effective service is of the utmost importance to our clients. Our extensive inventories and network of suppliers allow us to source any needed parts with little delay. Our licensed, insured technicians can therefore normally resolve even major issues quickly, whenever they crop up.

As a family-owned business in Westport for three generations, we at Tri-City take great pride in delivering the service residents of the area deserve. That means ensuring every customer is always 100% satisfied, whether with a major HVAC Repair in Westport CT, or a routine maintenance visit. That commitment has helped us grow for more than 45 years, and it drives us to perform at an ever-higher level in our work. Between regular maintenance and our repair and installation services, we are committed to helping Tri-City customers enjoy all that air conditioning has to offer for everyone in the Westport area.