Are You Considering an Oil to Gas Conversion in CT?

Consumers across the Northeast are carefully examining their options for converting from oil to gas. Modern gas appliances are efficient and easily maintained, and gas provides a steady supply of fuel without any need to worry about delivery during a major storm. When considering oil to gas conversion in CT, homeowners are encouraged to seek an HVAC certified and licensed company to install their new natural gas appliances. The professionals at Tri-City are the area’s experts for converting from oil to gas, and are happy to discuss the Oil to Gas Conversion Process with Connecticut homeowners. With over 45 years of the experience, the team at Tri-City can quickly deal with your conversion needs.Oil to Gas Conversion in CT

What is involved in converting to gas if no gas service is installed in a home?

Where no gas line is in place, homeowners can contact the team at Tri-City to evaluate the site and recommend a design. The experts will provide an overall use plan and a list of equipment required. Tri-City’s licensed and insured professionals coordinate with the gas provider to make sure the service design will be adequate to meet each client’s needs. Since no two homes are exactly alike, the process and cost will vary from one location to the next.

Is it difficult to convert to gas when the home already has natural gas service?

As a rule, no. However, the team will evaluate the existing service to verify it has the capacity to handle the extra demands the Oil to Gas Conversion in Connecticut will place on the system. If any improvements are required, the Tri-City technicians will work with the gas provider to ensure the infrastructure is updated. In most instances, the conversion process will not create additional issues for homeowners.

Why should homeowners consider converting to gas if an older oil appliance is still functioning?

Oil to Gas Conversion Company professionals frequently discuss this issue with homeowners. Modern gas heating appliances are generally highly efficient. Converting to gas will often offer significant annual savings for property owners. In addition, when gas appliances are installed throughout a home, even more savings can be realized. Typically, the gas supply is not influenced by the weather, as truck deliveries are not required. In addition, natural gas is a clean, readily available alternative to oil, and homeowners are able to eliminate the ugly tanks that frequently use valuable space in basements or pose environmental threats when buried in yards.

Technicians providing the oil to gas conversion discuss the options available with clients to make sure the best options are selected. Heating systems are carefully matched to the home’s and family’s needs. Each system is carefully designed to guarantee the best service at the best price possible.

Tri-City’s experts work with homeowners to select the best natural gas heating appliances for use throughout the home. The company’s commitment to providing the best service in the area and offering honest pricing for all services has been proven throughout the years. Oil to Gas Conversion in Connecticut allows property owners to take advantage of the improved technologies available when gas appliances are used while realizing true operating cost savings.