Furnace Repair in Fairfield CT – Make Sure Your Furnace Is Professionally Serviced

Changing seasons give owners of Connecticut residential and commercial properties a lot to be thankful for all year round. Unfortunately, during the winter months, property owners are usually concerned about furnace repair in CT and the costs of their heating bills. With days and weeks below normal temperatures, homes and businesses must keep their heating systems on all hours of the day. Furnace Repair Fairfield County | Furnace Repair Milford | Furnace Repair Westport

Furnace Maintenance

For just these reasons, avoid a  Furnace Repair in CT by keeping your furnace itself in good running order with regular maintenance. Whether you are a home or business owner, you need to pay close attention to your heating system and that starts with how your furnace is installed in your home or office. This is because the most efficient way to create a savings on your future energy bills is for your furnace to be installed by a certified, professional HVAC installer like each and every technician is at Tricity Appliance.

Experienced HVAC technicians

The process begins when we arrive at your home or business location. All of our technicians are bonded and have current EPA so that they can responsibly work on your heating and cooling systems. In addition our company is fully insured, so that should an accident occur our customers will not have to incur any unanticipated expenses.

Safety First

The safety of any furnace in CT depends on proper installation, routine inspection and regular maintenance. We accomplish this by making sure all service calls for furnace repair begin with a thorough cleaning of the unit in question. A Furnace in Connecticut should be cleaned every year, preferably before the winter season begins in earnest. When you schedule an appointment with us, you can prevent a myriad of costly utility repairs in the future.


In particular the older your furnace or heating system is, the more concerned you should be about its ability to maintain a consistent level of heat that reaches all interior areas of your home. Homes and commercial structures that have an oil burning furnace will need to have their fuel lines professionally cleaned out. This removes oil and waste left in the lines from the prior heating season. Only after the fuel lines have been cleaned, will one of our HVAC technicians restart that furnace’s pilot light.

A New Furnace

Often the installation of an entirely new furnace is necessary to not only maintain proper heating, but efficient energy costs. At optimal levels, a newly installed furnace delivers a good return on investment for homeowners as they are able to keep their utility bills at lower levels.

New Furnace Installation

From our offices in Milford, we service residential and commercial property owners in most areas of Connecticut. A member of our technical team will visit your home or business at your convenience for a consultation, and to take measurements for the purchase of a new furnace unit. Our technicians have the ability to measure the “load calculation” to make sure whatever system you utilize is working at peak efficiency.

Our HVAC technicians are also able to discuss the use of a furnace humidifier as an addition to your heating system. While they are installing a natural gas furnace, our technical team will routinely make sure all connections are secure between the gas or electric lines that complete its configuration. This insures that your new furnace will be able to begin heating your home in the safest and most efficient manner.