What Are the CT Oil to Gas Conversion Benefits?

For years, oil and gas for home heating were highly competitive, with consumers seeing little difference in price between the two. However, recent advances in technology have greatly increased the availability of natural gas. As a consequence, natural gas users are now enjoying lower costs than homeowners relying on oil, triggering a trend toward converting from oil to natural gas. However, Connecticut homeowners have several reasons to consider converting to natural gas now. Tri-City heating experts can explain all the Oil to Gas Conversion Benefits In Connecticut, but there are three commonly cited reasons for converting now.

Natural Gas Is Safe.Oil To Gas Conversion Fairfield County | Oil To Gas Conversion New Haven County

Gas industry experts point to the exemplary safety record of natural gas. Homeowners know immediately if a gas leak is present, as an odorant is added to make it very clear when a gas appliance or supply line is in need of service. Of course, the gas must also get to the home or business, and Connecticut gas companies go to extraordinary lengths to keep the supply infrastructure secure. Other types of fuel require trucks to deliver the fuel to a home or business, providing opportunities for spills or accidents natural gas is not subject to. In the event an interior gas line or appliance does develop a problem, a quick call to Tri-City will provide 24 hour emergency service.

Natural Gas Is Economical and Reliable.

CT Oil to Gas conversion benefits provide home and business owners with an economical solution to high heating bills. Obviously, all utility prices are subject to many variables, but with the abundance of domestic natural gas production, it is likely prices will remain reasonably stable for many years. That should provide home and business owners with a sense of security, as natural gas costs will likely remain lower than competing fuels in coming years.

Natural gas supplies are rarely affected by weather conditions or damage. On the other hand, oil deliveries are easily compromised during severe weather, placing homes and businesses at risk.

Natural Gas Is Environmentally Friendly.

Today’s natural gas burns cleaner than in the past. Nitrogen oxide content is significantly lower, reducing the potential for air pollution related to the fuel. There is also no danger of spills contaminating the surrounding soil, as is frequently seen with oil. Environmentally conscious consumers generally recognize gas as the better alternative for home heating.

CT Oil to Gas benefits also include the fact there is no need for home or business owners to deal with underground storage tanks that are susceptible to leaks. In-home oil tanks also leak, contaminating the surrounding area and leaving unpleasant odors that are difficult to eliminate.

Tri-City heating professionals will help home or business owners decide if it is time to consider the benefits of converting to natural gas. Evidence strongly suggests Oil to Gas Conversion Benefits In Connecticut outweigh any negative factors. However, many residents automatically assume the costs of the conversion are prohibitive. Tri-City’s experts will explore the options to reduce costs for switching now. Even when the costs of the conversion are carefully considered, the net savings anticipated for typical users generally make the process cost-effective.