Fairfield CT Air Conditioning Service Keeps Homes Cool and Energy Bills Low

In every community, there are service providers widely known to be a cut above the competition. Such companies enjoy positive and well-earned reputations for affordable, quality work and excellent customer service. Their clients often will mention a particular experience with such a company, such as a time when a repair person, nurse, or sale representative went beyond what was necessary to ensure their well-being and satisfaction. When it comes to choosing a Fairfield CT Air Conditioning Service, Tri-City Appliance is that company. Family owned and operated for generations, Tri-City Appliance was established on old-fashioned family values such as honesty, integrity and quality of service, traditions they maintain into the present day.

What Tri-City Appliance Has to Offer:Fairfield CT Air Conditioning

There are a number of benefits associated with having Tri-City Appliance service, repair, or replace your Air Conditioning in Fairfield CT.

·         Factory trained and authorized service and repair technicians – You’d be hard pressed to find better-trained personnel anywhere in the area.

·         Year-end and pre-season system check-ups – Routine AC Maintenance in Fairfield CT includes cleaning the condensing coils, oiling the motor where needed, checking operating pressure, coolant level, and more. Studies show most AC units lose as much as 5% of their SEER rating for every year they go without the recommended annual Fairfield CT AC Service.

·         Genuine replacement parts – Some companies, when making a repair, use non-original equipment manufacturer parts to increase their profit margin. This practice potentially decreases the performance and longevity of your AC unit. Additionally, after-market parts rarely carry the same warranty as genuine replacement parts. Tri-City customers can rest assured their Fairfield CT Air Conditioning Repair professional replaced their unit’s non-functioning pieces with genuine parts.

·         Competitive prices – When consumers compare value and price, it is difficult to imagine another business having more competitive prices than Tri-City Appliance.

·         Flexible appointment times – The people at Tri-City understand about work schedules, demanding bosses, and kids’ school pick-up times. It is for these reasons that they offer a wide variety of times homeowners can choose from to set appointments.

·         Affordable extended warranties – In addition to using real replacement parts, Tri-City also offers reasonably priced extended warranties covering both parts and labor.

Two Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning

Billions of dollars are spent annually for the sole purpose of cooling interior home and business spaces when the weather is warm. There are two primary ways thrifty home or business owners can save money on their annual cooling bill.

·         Purchase a high efficiency AC unit – Advances in technology in recent years have all but assured one’s monthly bill will go down when an aging HVAC unit is traded for a new one, particularly if the new unit has an ENERGY STAR rating. Heat pumps and ACs currently must have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of 14.5 or better in order to qualify for ENERGY STAR. The higher the AC’s rating for efficiency, the greater its energy savings will be.

·         Properly maintain existing AC units – Research has shown for each year that goes by without a homeowner getting an AC system serviced, either following one hot weather season or prior to another’s start, 5% of its SEER is lost. Fortunately, even when serviced late, most of a unit’s efficiency can be regained, thereby saving the homeowner money on his monthly bill. Additionally, most AC systems last longer with regular maintenance.

There are many reasons to choose the most energy efficient air conditioning possible and to care properly for one’s AC system. One, of course, is to save money. Money saved is money that can be allotted to other purposes. Two, clean, efficient units cool better than those that are dirty, old, or incorrectly sized for the space they cool. Three, a well-cared for and up-to-date system goes a long way to providing the most cooling for the least cost, not only financially, but also environmentally. This is great news because protecting the environment is a task that concerns everyone.