Insulation Options in CT

If you live in Connecticut then no doubt you are interested in ways to conserve your escalating electricity bill.  You may have tried a variety DIY tips you found online but to no avail.  The truth is, unless you drastically change your lifestyle (using little to no heat in the winter) there is no way to save electricity.  Discovering what Insulation options in Connecticut you have is a smart option. If you have a home in CT then you can save a great deal of electricity costs all year round by investing in superior insulation installed by Tricity Appliance.  Many homes and apartments are made with cheap insulation, and thus the temperatures are extreme in summer and winter seasons.  This costs you a bundle, as you are basically paying for heat and cooling air that you don’t even feel.

How Insulation Works

The idea of insulation is, simply put, putting insulating material between you and the outside wall, which absorbs all of the cold and or heat, depending on the season.  Rather than blocking the outside cold entirely, insulation slows the movement of heat from one space to the next.  We say “heat” because cold is actually the absence of heat; insulation reduces unwanted heat loss or gain, and this in turn decreases the energy demands of your heating and cooling systems.

What are the most common Insulation options in Connecticut?  That is determined by what the insulating materials are. Some of the most commonly used materials include cellulose, polystyrene, glass or rock wool, wood or plant fiber, animal fiber, plant straw, cementitious mortar, urethane foam, vermiculitand earth.  In addition, insulation can also involve a variety of designs and techniques that complement the heat transfer process.  Through the process of conduction, radiation and convection, insulation takes place and keeps houses warm or cold throughout the season.

What Makes Insulation Effective or Ineffective?

Connecticut residents may wonder what determines the difference between high quality insulation and poor insulation.  It’s not just about the materials (or lack thereof).  Sometimes the effectiveness of insulation is compromised because of the quality of construction or even the local environment.  Insulation on its own is graded by “R-value.”  Problems in the installation (such as poor draft-proofing) can also affect temperature. In cold temperatures, and usually the primary reason for insulation is to reduce heat flow.  Therefore, the insulation specialist must take into account everything from doors to windows to walls and the roof.  It’s not just about the wall quality but also an issue of where the air is coming from.  You can save money by excellent weatherization, bulk insulation and other techniques.In recent times gas and electric prices have been soaring, and this is not a trend likely to end anytime soon.  Therefore, if you have heating or air problems, high electric bills, and a home that never seems to be comfortable, it’s very likely you have insulation problems.  However, the #1 HVAC repair and maintenance company, Tricity Appliance, can provide you with professional service.  Tricity offers free home consultations so contact us today to assist you in protecting your home this season!