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Tricity Appliance repair experts take the worry out of all your appliance repairs. With 45 years of experience, our family owned company has provided CT Appliance repair for homeowners and offer the type of service others only talk about. Our fully trained and qualified professionals are on hand to repair refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, garbage disposals and air conditioners. Appliance Repair Fairfield County | whirlpool authorized service provider fairfield countyFor your home’s safety, services like dryer vent cleaning are also strongly recommended. For immediate Appliance Repair in CT, or simply to ask any home appliance repair question, contact the team of experts at Tricity Appliance today.

What brands of appliances does Tricity Appliance service?

The Tricity Appliance team services a broad range of brands, both in and out of warranty. Top manufacturers like Amana, Bosch, Frigidaire, Maytag and others trust our team of expert technicians to repair and maintain their products. With quality appliance service, these top of the line appliances will last for years, and the Tricity Appliance technicians routinely attend seminars those companies offer to stay abreast of the latest technologies and repair techniques to make sure every appliance is properly maintained or repaired.

Even older appliances can enjoy longer useful lives when properly maintained. Tricity Appliance technicians are authorized to service out of warranty appliances from companies like Magic Chef, Sharp and Haier. Technicians are carefully trained to use the latest in diagnostic equipment to isolate the cause of any appliance malfunction. With access to top quality replacement parts, consumers can rest assured their appliances will work properly when the appliance service is completed.

What preventative maintenance is recommended for appliances?

Routine maintenance and appliance repair service in CT is recommended not only to extend the life of appliances, but also to reduce their energy consumption.

  • Dryer vent cleaning, for example, not only prevents fires, it also vastly improves the dryer’s efficiency. Technicians will also verify a dryer is operating at the correct temperatures to provide the best drying conditions.
  • Washer maintenance includes lubricating all parts and checking hoses for signs of damage. Of course, washing machines also need to be properly leveled to keep them operating as the manufacturer intended.
  • Dishwasher maintenance involves checking and lubricating mechanical components, including the door springs. Sumps are cleared of debris to make sure the machine will drain properly between cycles.
  • Refrigerator servicing includes flushing the condenser and cleaning drain lines to prevent problems when the unit is under stress. Temperatures are tested to ensure the unit is functioning properly.

Other appliances, including freezers and garbage disposals, may also require attention at times. No matter what the appliance problem, Tri-City technicians will quickly address the issue and provide homeowners with repair options. In the event repairs are not practical, the appliance experts will recommend alternatives.

When should the Tricity Appliance experts be called?

Taking care of routine maintenance is far simpler than dealing with appliance repairs. So, the time to call the experts is before an appliance actually fails to operate properly. Appliance Repair in CT technicians from Tricity Appliance will recommend specific services based on the type of appliances in use. For a personal evaluation, contact the team at Tricity Appliance today.