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Signs it’s Time for A New HVAC Unit

Besides a full-on breakdown, there are plenty of ways to tell when it’s time to replace your AC unit. When you keep an old unit working past its prime, it’s not only wasting energy, but it could be affecting your air quality too. So if you are noticing any of the below signs, it’s time […]

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The Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

Are you currently building a new home and considering heating options? Are you looking for a way to conserve energy while evenly heating your home — why not think radiant heating? A great investment, radiant floor heating has many excellent benefits that will keep you and your family warm for years to come. Improved Comfort […]

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Improve Your Home’s Smell

Looking to freshen up your home without those harsh home fragrances — well we have some natural ways that can help. Using natural odor removers are not only a great way to keep your home smelling fresh, but it’s an eco-friendly way to keep air quality high. So here are some eco-friendly ways to improve […]

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These Minor Changes Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Are you always running out of energy trying to save money on your energy bill? We know it can seem like an uphill battle sometimes, but we have some pretty minor ways you can work to conserve energy and get your electrical bill down. Watch Your Wash The secret to energy saving laundry is to […]

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3 Things You Should Never Put in the Microwave

Your microwave is probably your most time-saving appliance in your home! Though a microwave can be a convenient way to get your meals on the go, there are some limitations and not knowing them can not only cause damage but could lead to unnecessary illness. So here are 3 things that should never come in […]

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Your Appliance Maintenance Check List

A lot of keeping your appliances in the best shape possible starts with you. Though scheduling appliance maintenance is a great way to get the most extended lifespan, there are still daily things you could be doing to keep your appliance in their best shape possible, so here is your appliance maintenance checklist. Check Your […]

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Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter and Fall

Get to prepping your plumbing because the cooler weather is here and with it can cause some minor plumbing issue that could turn major. So to avoid a burst, brake, overflow or flood — here’s how you can prepare your plumbing for winter and fall! Yard Work Helps The first step into prepping your plumbing […]

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Why Does My Drain Keep Getting Clogged?

A drain clog can be the real pain, but it’s preventable. Many routine clogs, are due to everyday things that you might not even think of. So if you feel like you have become best friends with your plunger, here’s how to avoid your next clog: Grease is the Word Oil and grease are a […]

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Checking for Leaves in Your Air Ducts

Fall is here! Leaves are falling, the weather is cooling off, and your AC is finally getting some rest. With the change of season should come your regular HVAC prep, and one of the most important parts is checking your air ducts for leaves. So as we make our way into autumn, here’s how to […]

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5 Simple Home Cleaning Tips With a Big Impact

Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be an all-day event! The last thing you want to do on your day off is spend hours scrubbing every inch of your home, and nor should you have to. So if you are looking to make your cleaning life a little bit easier, here are simple home cleaning […]

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