Allergies in CT – Ways To Assist Your Family From Allergies

There are all kinds of things in the air we breathe: dust, particles of hair and skin, sand, road dust, pollen, spores, microscopic organisms, pet dander, and so on. If you have allergies in CT, you might be allergic to any and all of these irritants. While everyone becomes uncomfortable if these things reach an excessive concentration in the air, if you’re allergic, your immune system reacts to smaller concentrations more harshly than normal, causing you to suffer from dry, itchy eyes, difficulty breathing, sneezing, and so on.Allergies in CT

Climate And Allergies

Your indoor climate can have a profound effect on your allergies in CT. A too-moist environment can cause mold and mite growth in your upholstery or carpeting, filling the air with mold spores and mite particles. By the same token, a too-dry environment causes the skin of humans and animals to become dry and shed, leading to an environment rich in skin, hair, and dander. A properly configured air conditioning system controls the moisture of your air, keeping it at a comfortable level between these two extremes. We offer humidifiers and dehumidifiers as parts of our air conditioning systems to allow you to have fine control of your room moisture.

Air Cleaning in CT

We also offer air cleaning appliances, both electronic and filter-driven. Filters are used mainly to trap larger particles between their finely woven fibers; as a filter gets more effective at trapping particles it becomes harder to pass air through, so there is a practical limit on the performance of filters and how long they can be kept before they need replacement. A good filter can be enough for some allergy sufferers.

Electronic air cleaners use a system of charged plates to attract small particles out of the air. Some use one set of charged plates, relying on the charge that dust particles carry naturally, while other electronic air cleaners use a double set, with the first row charging up the dust particles. The second carries the opposite charge and forcefully attracts the charged particles out of the air. These can be combined with sets of filters and other air cleaning technologies, including UV air treatment to kill microorganisms, carbon filtering to remove odors, multiple filtering for larger particles, and ozone to destroy pollutants.

All of these technologies can contribute to cleaner, fresher air for your household or business along with fewer allerges to trigger your allergies. A properly built, well-maintained air conditioning system from Tri-City Heating & Cooling can give your allergies a breath of fresh air.