Air Purifiers in CT- Combat the Winter Flu and Summer Allergy Season

One of the more often overlooked aspects of HVAC is the V: everyone talks about heating and air conditioning, but ventilation is an incredibly important part of indoor comfort and safety. When designing an HVAC system for your building, store, office or home, it’s important to not forget to include some serious thinking about the air purifier. air purifiers in CT

You might initially think that the addition of an air purifier to your ventilation system would be superfluous, but that would be a fairly dangerous line of thinking. Especially in the winter and the summer, it’s rare for people in a building to introduce fresh air to a building’s HVAC system on their own, through opening doors or windows— after all, the weather tends towards extremes during those times of year, especially here in Milford, CT, Fairfield County and surrounding towns in Connecticut. As a result, the constantly recycled air can get dry and dusty, picking up particulates from the building itself and from the people who come in to and out of the building. And since people tend to close off the system even more than usual in spring and summer, it becomes increasingly difficult for that particulate matter, and the irritants that go along with that particulate matter, to find their way outside of the HVAC system in a natural way.

Installing an air purifier in CT is a fool proof money saving strategy, especially for people running a business. But removing impurities from the air, you help combat both the winter flu season and all of those summer allergies and pollen issues— two big causes of sick days and drastically lowered productivity. Additionally, a number of air purifier systems also include ionization— this creates ozone, or air with a negative ionic charge. Not only does this help remove questionable odors from the air, negatively charged air has been shown in some studies to combat depression and give workers an additional infusion of energy that they would not have otherwise had.
Of course, in order to truly benefit from your air purifier, it is important that you have it maintained and cleaned on a regular basis— at least once or twice a year. After all, that particulate matter and all of those air irritants have to go somewhere, and unless the filtration system is cleaned and sent through diagnostic tests fairly regularly, it would be easy for your air purifier to get clogged and stop performing effectively.

If you have any questions or concerns about the air purifiers in CT you have now, or wish to explore the options when it comes to air purifier installation, do not hesitate to contact the technicians here at Tri City Appliance. These HVAC experts can help you choose the right air purifier for your needs— or else fix the one you already have.