Should You Opt for Connecticut AC Repair or Air Conditioning Replacement?

New residents to Connecticut are usually surprised to discover that summers in the Constitution State are often exceedingly hot and humid. However, meteorological explanations as to why, that involve the state’s proximity to the Atlantic ocean’s warm air masses, are generally less important than simply ensuring their personal comfort. When the mercury climbs in the heat of summer, everyone is happy as long as they are cool and comfortable within their own temperature-controlled environment. This is only possible courtesy of dependable, efficient, and effective air conditioning. Unfortunately, the converse is also true: nobody is happy when their air conditioning fails to come on or fails to adequately cool when the outside temperatures soar.

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Eventually, there comes a time when every Connecticut homeowner must make the decision whether to repair an existing unit or to get CT Air Conditioning Replacement. It is usually a good idea to make this decision in conjunction with reliable information obtained from a trusted Air Conditioning Service in CT, such as Tri-City Heating and Cooling. The primary factors involved in making this decision are the estimated cost of the repair and the age and condition of the AC system in question. Depending upon the individual circumstance, the correct decision is all but guaranteed to ultimately save the homeowner money, either presently or in the future. When facing such a decision, be sure to take into account these important considerations.

  • Energy efficiency – Saving energy without sacrificing results is a big deal today, and desirable whenever possible. Today, many appliances, including air conditioning systems, are independently certified to either meet or exceed the minimum efficiency ratings set by the EPA’s voluntary Energy Star program. Any product that receives the Energy Star seal is guaranteed to save energy without sacrificing either functionality or features. Not only does this save the homeowner money, but it promotes responsible stewardship of natural resources, as well.
  • Advances in technology – Most A/Cs have a life expectancy of ten to twenty years, depending upon the type of unit, use, and quality of installation. A/C technology has undergone a number of changes in the past decade. Newer units typically cost significantly less to operate. They do a better job keeping interior spaces comfortable and cool. They use a different refrigerant that does not deplete the ozone layer as did the chlorofluorocarbons used in older units. Additionally, computer software has rendered contractors better able to calculate the correct size of A/C unit for a particular home. These calculations were previously based on square footage, which often resulting in a too-large and inefficient unit. Today, the dedicated software considers information such as insulation, the number of windows, and sun orientation, as well as the cooling needs of each room in the home.
  • Cost considerations – If the current A/C unit cools effectively and affordably, the current CT Air Conditioning Repair estimate is moderate, and the unit is less than ten years old, it is probably smart to have it repaired. However, if the unit is old or ineffective, and the Air Conditioning Repair in CT service sees other “weak links” that will doubtless soon lead to additional repairs, it may be wise to go ahead and replace the unit now. Although doing so may cost more at present, the savings that will accrue with the installation of a new, energy efficient system (not to mention the increased comfort) will more than make this initial cost worthwhile.

Tri-City Appliance Company

Whether deciding to repair or replace the air conditioning, you can feel good about the decision when it is made in concert with the advice of a Tri-City Heating and Cooling repair person. Tri-City is a family owned and operated company that truly has their clients’ long-term best interests at heart. We’ve have been caring for the comfort needs of area families for three generations. All of our HVAC technicians are licensed, insured, and share the company goal of having clients that are 100% satisfied.

It is Tri-City’s vision to become Connecticut’s one-stop-shop for all household appliance and service needs, as well as offering innovative and efficient home solutions combined with exemplary customer service. Tri-City recognizes clients have many service providers available and works to be their top choice.