Easton CT Heating – Repairs and Heating Maintenance

We service all home heating repairs, including boiler and furnace malfunctions. Tricity Appliance is your Easton, CT heating contractor for all makes and models.

Our fully equipped trucks are stocked full of the most common parts for home heating repairs and we are ready 24 hours a day. Our thorough preparedness ensures that on any typical service call we can fix your furnace, boiler, heat pump or any heating system in one visit. We service all makes and models and systems, including:

Easton CT Home Heating Repairs and Routine Maintenance

Our annual maintenance service of your furnace or boiler home heating system can quickly pay for itself in energy savings, extending the life of your furnace or boiler and prevent costly heating system breakdowns. Tricity Appliance inspects and or cleans your furnace or heating system’s thermostat calibrations and contact points, blower blades, ductwork, filters, fan belts, motor, heat distribution, pilot, heat exchanger, flue and more. If your home heating system needs repair, we’ll restore your unit to factory settings and improve its heating efficiency. Sometimes a straightforward cleaning helps. Even a slightly dirty coil can reduce energy efficiency by more than 20 percent!

If your home or business has an older heating system, we’ll conduct a free energy audit to reveal areas where you can optimize energy-efficiency. Most Easton CT heating systems benefit from a periodic home heating repairs and inspection. Tricity Appliance offers the area’s leading upgrade and replacement service, providing the newest technology in high-efficiency home heating.

Call us today 203-583-4269 for home heating repairs in Easton, CT including furnace or boiler system maintenance, or schedule our free energy audit.