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How Insulating Pipes Can Save You Money

When it comes to your home’s plumbing, there are two things every homeowner worries about when winter arrives. The first is making sure that none of the pipes burst, and the second is trying to keep monthly bills as low as possible. By insulating your home’s plumbing you can accomplish both of these goals. Lowering […]

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The November Home Maintenance Guide

The fall season is the time of year where homeowners will start to prepare their homes for winter. November is the last month before temperatures really start to drop, so if you haven’t started your home maintenance yet — what are you waiting for? Seal the Envelope When you turn your furnace on for the […]

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This is Why Your Toilet is Running

When you walk into your bathroom there should be nothing but silence. Hearing a constant running noise means that there’s something that needs to be fixed — otherwise, you’ll be paying a rather larger water bill next month. When the running noise is coming from your toilet, here are the causes and how to fix […]

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Gas vs Oil: Battle of the Furnaces

Each year, there are thousands of people that will need to replace their existing heating systems. Whether it’s from excessive part failures, too much wear and tear, or just plain old age, a new system will eventually need to be installed. When it’s time to replace yours, which type of heating system do you choose […]

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Tips to Stop Clothes From Shrinking & Stretching

How many times has your favorite shirt gone into the washer, only to come out shrunken or stretched out as your remove it from the dryer? It’s a crime that happens all too often! The next time you’re doing your laundry, keep a few tips and tricks in mind to prevent this from happening again. […]

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Steps to Winterize Your BBQ

The second half of the fall season is underway and that means temperatures are starting to drop. For all of the barbecue lovers out there, this means that it’s time to start grilling your steaks on a pan inside of the house. Before your throw your cover on the grill, take the time to winterize […]

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Solutions to Your Home’s Low Water Pressure

Have you ever turned the sink on while someone else was in the shower? In some homes, the water pressure of the second fixture would be extremely low. To avoid ever experiencing low water pressure, look to these quick solutions. Replace the Regulator Many homes have a water pressure regulator located on the front hose […]

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Fall Maintenance for Your Gas Furnace

The outside temperatures are steadily declining, which means we are dangerously close to the heating season. Before it gets too cold out, you should perform some maintenance on your gas furnace. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a broken furnace later on in the middle of the winter. New Filter Please The easiest maintenance task […]

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5 Pre-Wash Rituals to Start Doing Right Now

Stop — don’t throw your clothes in the washing machine just yet! Before you select the wash cycle, there are few things you should be doing to your laundry. Laundry Labels – If you want your clothes to become shrunken or misshapen then go ahead and throw all of your laundry blindly into the washer. […]

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How You Can Unclog a Toilet

A major life skill that everyone should know is the art of unclogging a toilet. Clogged toilets are going to happen many times throughout your life so it’s best to know the proper ways to remove the blockages. Here’s how you can do just that: Trusty Plunger Most clogged toilets can be cleared using a […]

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We were so pleased with the immediate response! We called on Friday AM with a leaking freezer issue and Matt arrived Monday (over the holiday weekend too!). Our fridge is build into our custom cabinetry and is extremely difficult to remove from its casing since there is an island right in front and hard wood floors that could easily be scratched. Matt took his time to move the refrigerator carefully and was able to fix the problem within 1/2 hour! He even spent some time showing us exactly what the issue was and why it had occurred so if it were to happen again, we might even be able to fix ourselves. I would not hesitate to call Tri-City again with ANY appliance questions or concerns!