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Heating Repair in Trumbull

The last thing you need as are chilled to the bone after shoveling snow in front of your porch in Trumbull, Connecticut is to find that your HVAC system has stalled. So what do you do? Call in a heating repair service to deal with furnace repair of course. But first, let’s see what an […]

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Heating Repair New Haven, CT– Power Surges Can Damage Your HVAC System

Where there are rain or snow storms, there are power surges. Citizens living in Connecticut know how a power surge can render a perfectly running HVAC system useless. A heating repair service comes in handy in times like these especially when it comes to dealing with external and internal electrical surges. Residents in the Connecticut […]

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Heating Repair Bridgeport, CT – Should I Repair My HVAC System ?

If a heating repair service in Bridgeport, CT says that you should replace your HVAC system then it is probably best that you do. Still not convinced? You will be once the wet season comes along in the east coast especially if you happen to live in Connecticut. When a home owner considers replacing an […]

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What can cause your HVAC System to Malfunction in Guilford, CT?

Guilford, CT heating systems can remain functioning properly in the winter months if you are up to speed with your heating repairs. An HVAC system includes a wide variety of heating, cooling and ventilation components. The system could go haywire if even one of them stops working efficiently or malfunctions. The reason why is simple. […]

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Heating Repair Services in Cheshire, CT

Heating repair services are invaluable when the cold winds start blowing in Cheshire,CT. Fortunately a lot of heating issues can be resolved without putting a dent on your finances. Before you hire a professional to fix your heating equipment its best that you figure out what it is that might be causing your problems – […]

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Energy Savings in Milford CT

Energy Savings in Milford CT An energy efficient home is like a fortress, keeping the conditioned air inside and preventing the untreated air from entering from outside. Even small leaks can add up to a large amount on your monthly heating or cooling bill. If you’ve never taken the time to ensure that your home […]

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Heat Pumps in Fairfield County CT

Convenience and cost-saving benefits are available from ductless mini split systems. A mini-split, or heat pump, functions as a window air conditioner without the need for a window. With ductless mini-splits or heat pumps in Fairfield County, you can provide heating or cooling without using a noisy and inconvenient window unit. Mini-split air conditioners are […]

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HVAC Emergency Service in Trumbull CT

We know that your home doesn’t stop after 5 PM. Neither do we! At Tri-City Appliance Repair, we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Day or night, our skilled technicians offer the responsive service you need to make sure that your home is functioning properly. Need HVAC emergency service in […]

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Heating System Replacement in Trumbull CT

When Should I Replace My Heating System in Trumbull CT? As HVAC professionals, we are often asked when a home heating system in Trumbull, CT should be replaced. If the cost to repair your unit is close to half of what it is worth, you may want to consider replacing your unit. Installation of many […]

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Heating Repair in Shelton, CT

Choosing the Right Heating Repair Company in Shelton CT When it comes to your heating system, choosing the right heating repair company to fix or maintain it is just as important as making the decision of having it repaired. An HVAC or heating system is an investment that is supposed to last you and your […]

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Connie Gersick
Connie Gersick

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We were very grateful that Tri-City was able to come first thing Monday morning after a Saturday call from us! The two men who came were careful, knowledgeable, and really nice. They worked quickly and solved our problem-- without making any mess. They were great!