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Tips on Choosing Cooling Systems in Branford, CT

When you make the decision to add air conditioning to your Branford, CT home, you are on the right path to making things so much more comfortable. You know just how hot it can get outside and you will definitely want to ensure that your home is cool and comfortable. To do this, you will […]

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Cooling System, West Haven -Choosing A Cooling System for Your West Haven Home

Once you make the decision to get a new climate control option for your West Haven home, you will need to choose from cooling systems. You may, at first, think that all air conditioners are the same, but that is simply not the case. In fact, choosing the right cooling systems for your West Haven […]

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AC Repair, Orange -Common Mistakes to Avoid for AC Repair in Orange

Just how frustrating is it when the weather is so hot outside and you find that your air conditioner isn’t working? This is a very big frustration, but it is one that happens to many people on a regular basis. The actual truth is that a climate control unit is mechanical and it will malfunction […]

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How to Find Air Conditioning Energy Savings in Your New Haven Home

Have you ever noticed that the energy bill seems to go up and up every single year? Most likely, during the summer months, your energy bills go up to hundreds of dollars. Who wants to spend three hundred dollars a month just to have electricity? However, what can you do? The answer is to look […]

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How to Fight Allergies in Your East Haven Home

When allergy season rolls around, anyone who has struggles with them can be miserable for months. The summer time is usually the time when most people will suffer from allergies in East Haven simply because this is when everything is blooming and causing the sniffles, sneezes, headaches and watery eyes. If you suffer from allergies […]

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Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Equipment Saves Energy and Money in West Haven, CT

In a recent report issued by the anti-regulatory Mercatus Center in early July 2012 that questioned the benefits of energy efficient appliance, we at Tri-City felt a need to talk frankly to our customers about the real value of Energy Star® central air systems. The report took aim at appliance standards, claiming that strict energy […]

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HVAC System Milford, CT- Why Clean Ventilation in Your HVAC System

Proper ventilation of an HVAC system in your Milford, CT home is an incredibly important part of indoor safety and comfort, particularly when it involves air purification. Particulates that may negatively affect health are still under study, but we know from experience that constantly recycled air often creates an unpleasant indoor environment, especially when the […]

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Preventive Drain Cleaning in Milford: Sewer and Drain Cleaning Tips for Residents

Our preventative drain cleaning technicians in Milford, CT receive a lot of common plumbing questions on a day-to-day basis from customers about how to keep their sinks, shower drains and sewers clear year-round, so we put our heads together to create this plumbing cheat sheet. We hope it’s useful for you. But if you’re still […]

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New Haven CT Energy Savings with Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating can cut your heating bill by 10 to 15 percent this winter. Underfloor heating is a system that heats the house when warmed water circulates through PEX tubes installed in the floor. Since a floor has a large surface area, radiant heating works well with lower temperatures than other heating systems to achieve […]

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Heating Installation West Haven CT : Questions You Should Ask Before Your Heating Installation

When you are looking for a West Haven heating installation company, you will definitely want to choose the right one. You need to know that the heating system that has been installed will last for years to come and that will provide you with a comfortable home no matter how cold it may get outside. […]

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Sara Kaminski

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We were so pleased with the immediate response! We called on Friday AM with a leaking freezer issue and Matt arrived Monday (over the holiday weekend too!). Our fridge is build into our custom cabinetry and is extremely difficult to remove from its casing since there is an island right in front and hard wood floors that could easily be scratched. Matt took his time to move the refrigerator carefully and was able to fix the problem within 1/2 hour! He even spent some time showing us exactly what the issue was and why it had occurred so if it were to happen again, we might even be able to fix ourselves. I would not hesitate to call Tri-City again with ANY appliance questions or concerns!